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Buffy Slayed my Blogging Career

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The negative side effects of binge watching internet & tv series

Not too long ago, I was in the middle of a conversation and was caught off guard by a comment that left me in a minor state of shock. Conversing about the information age we live in, I was told that this was part of the problem that millennials face. According to them, we have all of the knowledge of the world at our finger tips and anytime we want to know something we head to Wikipedia, YouTube and IMDB. They concluded that the problem with my generation is that we’re too educated. Does that sound right to you?

There are a lot of benefits to living in the Information Age and the fact that we’re still progressing is not only incredible but its also crazy inspiring. I personally didn’t develop a love for learning until after I dropped out of college. With things like Wikipedia, instant google searches and the international movie database, we’ve been given an incredible opportunity to pursue knowledge. Netflix is pumping out documentaries left and right and as we begin to scroll through the seemingly infinite catalog of educational opportunity, we see something else; entire series of the best shows created by man. We, unfortunately are not haunted by our insatiable thirst for knowledge, but our apathy and laziness are what plague us.

This is not going to be another blog about “what’s wrong with millennials” or how we can all learn from our elders. This is about my personal shortcomings, Buffy and myself. Personally, I find it pretty easy to fall prey to the entertainment industry and all they shit it feeds us. Consume, Obey, More Bubblegum, Repeat. I know I’m not the only one. There wouldn’t be an industry catering to every sick fantasy we have if I were. The fact is that I feel unable to properly prioritize my life, goals and passions when I know that somewhere online, I get to live in the size 7 shoes of a teenage vampire slayer, or travel the verse looking for another job that will inevitably endanger the lives of myself and my shipmates.

The entertainment industry is a blessing and a curse for me. As an art fan, it’s only natural that I would fall for a piece that captivates my attention and takes me to another world where adventure looms behind every gravestone. Buffy was that for me.

I really enjoy writing. I also enjoy binge watching tv and internet series. This life provides so many opportunities for distraction. That being said, the only thing that can keep you on your path is to know your purpose and constantly remind yourself of it. Maybe your purpose is to be a consumer and devour every series that presents itself in your lifetime. If you believe that, then consume till your hearts content. For me, I believe that my purpose is to chew bubble gum and challenge the world to think, feel, act and speak for themselves… and I’m all out of bubble gum.

So what is your purpose? It’s not always an easy question to answer. It takes a lot of time and dedication just to discover it, but I believe that once you do, even Buffy can’t stand in your way.

-Josh T. Romero


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