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Cogitation & Conjuration

A glance at why we're wasted and the plans that may lead us to an early grave.

So many times this year, I felt like I was treading water with Dark Room Horror. Looking back, I see why! We had 11 official screenings at Guild Cinema, 12 assisted screenings with Guild Cinema, Vinegar Syndrome & Scream Screen, helped promote 4 screenings at Film Noir in Brooklyn with Mitch Horowitz, and held 2 Dark Room Horror Nights at Sister Bar (Overexposure & Devil’s Night). We brought a lot to the table in 2022. A lot of this will be done again, and we have so much more to do this year. We may drown ourselves in 2023...

If you’ve been following us on social media, or paying attention to the pre-show slides at Guild Cinema, you may have seen a punk-as-fuck skeleton holding a cup of coffee. The art was created by Through The Bones for a Coffee Shop/All-Ages Venue we’re trying to open in 2023. Marcus Furrow has become my official business partner and we’re working together to make something Albuquerque has never seen.

Comfortably lounging in the nexus of the occult and horror, The Dark Room is a resting place for the strange and unusuala venue for local and touring artists, open mic nights, and other events. A book store, small coffee shop, and retail space for apparel and merchandise from artists across the US, equipped with comfortable booths, and eventually vhs & dvd rentals. This is the place for the horror-punks, goths, and the outsiders.

Marcus and I will be ready to pull the trigger on this project as soon as we have funding. That said, if you’re interested in funding, or know someone who might be, we’re looking for $200k to make this place exactly what we envision. You can reach out directly to me at for more information.

As for the screenings, we’ve booked slots at Guild Cinema for every month, starting January 28th with John Carpenter's, The Fog. Some of the dates have movies attached, and some are waiting for the right film. We want your input. Send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the films you’d like to see at Guild Cinema, or send me an email. Unlike our political system, your opinion will actually matter.

Thank you for showing up. Obviously, none of this would matter without you actually being there.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this year so incredible, including Keif at Guild Cinema, Zeus at Sister.

And a final shout out to those who helped plan and run our events. Mostly Tamara, who's had to put up with all of this, kept me sane, and do pretty much everything at some point. Also, thank you to our late night horror host, Sweetwolf for hosting our Guild screenings, Oscar, Marcus, & Michelle for running the various Blood Booth's, as well as set up/tear down, Billy Banks for the deeply unsettling cosplay, Jordan Jonas for the magic, and Ness for the tarot readings, planning, and ticket taking.

Please keep showing up. We want to create something incredible, and that’s only possible with your help. We're always down to collaborate or help promote events that will tighten this community.

Additional Events we helped out with in 2022:

Other events we helped promoted, but I didn't do the full poster design for:

We're looking forward to creeping with you in 2023.

Josh T. Romero

Lead Creep of Dark Room Horror


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