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Blood Booth 12/21/18 with Krampus

Dark Room Horrors Blood Booth with Krampus Event

Dark Room Horror’s Blood Booth is a photo booth with a horror twist. Every time we set up at events or in studio, everybody gets free blood and prop weapons. This year, we brought in our first guest to shoot with, the infamous Christmas Demon, Krampus. If you’re unfamiliar, Krampus originated in Germanic folklore and is known for coming after the naughty boys and girls who received cole from Santa. He then proceeds to beat children with sticks until they’ve learned their lesson. The extra terrible children who do not learn their lessons are then taken to the underworld or eaten. The story changes depending on what area you come from.  Krampus seemed to be a perfect fit for our booth and our last event at Sister Bar turned out to be a success. Below are a few highlights from our evening. All of the images can be seen on our facebook page here.

If you’d like to book the Blood Booth for your event, contact us today!


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