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31 Days of Horror: Day 7 “You’re Next”

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Day 7: The door may be locked, but it won’t protect you. The animals are on the hunt in You’re Next

Erin may be my current favorite final girl. I think part of that comes from her actually having a backstory to explain how she got here and is able to survive. You understand her and because of that when her plans play out it’s much more satisfying. A modern day Kevin McCallister. The twist is fairly predictable with clues dropped throughout the movie which, honestly, left me a little unsatisfied. But, definitely worth a watch to reflect on your own family dynamic.

-Christopher Patterson

This movie gets started right away and doesn’t stop until the end credits. The ending has two good twists that I didn’t see coming. The women are more ruthless than the men in this movie and it is acted out well. The story holds together well and most of the movie is believable. I didn’t find the movie very scary like a horror movie but it is a definite thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


I recall going into this film headlong and doubtful, worried that it would be just another in a long line of slasher, gore-porn for the sake it, flicks. But it flip-flopped on me. Every facet is top notch. The acting. The situation. The tension, and anxiety. Probably one of the funnest, whilst simultaneously nerve wracking, movies I’ve ever seen. Intelligent insanity.  This is how you do it. Take notes writers.

-David Burchell

I used to believe that You’re Next was one of those lighter, upbeat, fun sort of horror movie’s. After convincing my wife to watch it with me (not a horror fan), she became worried about my state of mind. Maybe I can attribute my feelings to the killer score or the pace of the movie over all. Either way, this makes my top 10 pretty easily. This bad ass final girl honestly inspires me to be a better dad to my kids. The story line, the acting, the directing, the kills and the music are all brutal in the best way possible. People react like I think people should react in life or death situations, though you may have to watch it twice if you haven’t seen it already to get that. If you’ve yet to see You’re Next, buy yourself a wolf mask and the movie and lock yourself in for a night of fantastic terror.

-Josh T. Romero


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