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31 Days of Horror: Day 6 “the Amityville Horror”

Day 6: From the best seller that made millions believe in the unbelievable… for God’s sake, get out! Join us as we discuss our 6 movie, the Amityville Horror.

This movie is a classic for a reason and I love going back to these to understand where horror tropes came from. The priest, doors closing on their own, shrill notes, spirits yelling “get out!” are all present and executed just as well. My favorite has to be George’s slow spiral towards insanity. Yes, we’ve all seen it before but it’s played so well here by James Brolin. I know there have been remakes but I don’t think any of those will stand the test of time like this one.

-Christopher Patterson

I don’t usually like horror movies that deal with demonic stuff but this one was comes off well, maybe because you never actually see a demon or evil spirit. For being made back in the 70’s it has some good special effects. Like the house actually looking like it has a face and also some interesting color tricks with the house. The acting was really good. There are a few things within the movie that didn’t fit, like how could the demons from the house affect the priest even after he left the house, but didn’t follow the Lutz family after they moved. The end of the movie gets a little boring and drags on but overall a well done movie.


I’m appreciative of this film for doing the best it could considering the time it was released. I acknowledge the themes, and details it went on to inspire for the horror genre. But it really hasn’t aged well. The execution, to me, comes off poorly, not once did I feel in suspense, nor did I feel a sense of terror. The acting is actually great, and the story is compelling, but it just doesn’t click in the long run. Fun to watch for the first-timers though.

-David Burchell


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