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31 Days of Horror: Day 31 “Halloween”

Day 31: Face Your Fate… Halloween

The original Halloween has always been one of my favorite horror movies, so I was really excited to see this movie. The emotionless mask with hallow dark eyes and single mindedness of a purpose of pure evil make this movie a true horror movie to me. The movie has many elements from the original but still stands as a great sequel. I will admit that parts of the story are unbelievable and predictable but overall I do think this movie is worth seeing. The movie is much more graphic than the original, but the gore is broken up by with some comic relief which fits in well. I didn’t know what to expect from the ending of this movie, but it didn’t disappoint. I don’t know if there was a better way to end the movie.  I hope they don’t make a sequel though.


Halloween is back! And it’s just okay! That’s really it. It’s an okay movie that pales in comparison to others that were on our list. It isn’t terribly scary, I would almost classify this as an action thriller rather than horror. There are some gruesome moments but I was more surprised at how much happened off camera. I can appreciate subtlety and leading the audience without showing every detail, but not in this case. There were a couple of continuity problems and I didn’t love the dialogue but the biggest sin here was trying to give Michael a motive through the “new Loomis” character and plot line. Without spoiling it, I didn’t buy it. Wait for Netflix. It’s bittersweet ending the whole month on this movie…

-Christopher Patterson

This was good, or okay, but not great, and definitely a sort of let down when compared to what came before. The story wasn’t captivating, there was literally no suspense or fear throughout, and it all sort of toppled as it sped through itself. I thought the return of one said actress was an exciting proposition, but even that didn’t ice this very bland cake. It was all very formulaic and didn’t leave any unknowns in the darkness. Kinda sleepy for me, although I did love the ending.

-David Burchell

This movie has been getting a lot of hate online and I’ll be honest, I get it! To the die-hard Halloween fans, this may not have hit the target. I like Halloween and the franchise but it’s not one that I can say is one of my favorites and I can definitely say that I haven’t seen all of them. I went into this movie with low expectations and left the theater surprised that I had a good time! The trailer built it up to be more of an action/revenge kind of film which is probably what set the bar so low for me in the first place. They were able to deliver on some aspects of horror. I can’t say I was scared at any point, but a musical jump scare definitely did the trick. Even though there are a lot of disappointed people out there, I would say that’s no reason to skip out on this one. Spend your money, support horror and go have a good time.

-Josh T. Romero

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