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31 Days of Horror: Day 28 “Trick ‘r Treat”

Poison, Drowning, Claw, Or Knife. So Many Ways To Take A Life. If you don’t follow the rules tonight, you won’t live to see tomorrow. Trick ‘r Treat!

I guess this is a movie about the underdog or outcast getting revenge on Halloween, making it a horror movie. I think the movie has some gaps in the story line which makes the movie unrealistic and therefore takes away from the scare factor. The scary scenes are really just quick flashes that don’t give the viewer a chance to really absorb what is going on. I will say that I really appreciated the way the stories tied in at the end and come together.


Anthologies, particularly those that do it right, always get a specialty golden star. This is one of the recurring favorites, one of the most inventive Samhain flicks around. The ways that it starts to flesh the classical haunts, then devolves, twisting into its own chilling originality is so great. How all the storylines retain individuality and flavor, yet end up meshing and mashing at their tail-ends is something that is very hard to execute, but here it is done expertly. This is an already classic movie, and one that never crawls into the tiresome.

-David Burchell

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