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31 Days of Horror: Day 27 “Fright Night”

31 Days 27-01

There are good reasons to be afraid of the dark. If you love being scared, it’ll be the night of your life. Fright Night!

This was my first time watching this classic. There were some bothersome aspects, mostly the friend Ed’s character. Is he a bully or does he get bullied? Still not sure on that one. But overall the story is a timeless tale of terror; every child’s worse fear. The use of practical effects is remarkable and missing from today’s cinema. Specifically, the wolf scene is to die for. You have to have faith it will be a great movie when you watch it. And it won’t disappoint.

Tyler Sawicki | Onsight Media

This movie doesn’t have long build up instead the action and horror starts rather quickly and continues throughout the movie. One aspect about this movie that is different from movie horror movies is that it almost gives the monsters souls. When the monsters are killed it takes a long time and the viewer is made to have compassion for them as they die. The movie is a love story where the boy has to realize his love for the girl and rescue her, but also how fears can be overcome and an everyday person can become a hero. The end of the movie makes the point that monsters really do exist in the shadows but only a few people know the truth.


This may be one of the best movies to study if you happen to be a teenage boy and you find yourself living in a suburban community, next door to a vampire who looks like Prince Humperdinck. Most of the vampiric lore is laid out and the rules are followed to a tee. Fright Night has that natural 80’s vibe that makes it a fun yearly throwback movie. There are a lot of concepts that I love but I can’t say it’s one of my favorites. It makes for a good seasonal flick.

-Josh T. Romero


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