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31 Days of Horror: Day 25 “Hereditary”

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Day 25: Every family tree hides a secret… Hereditary.

This movie is a cinema masterpiece as far as combining great special effects with a believable horror storyline. There are very subtle special effects that are just done perfectly. The build up of mystery and suspense is really good. The characters evolve with the story line really well with great acting. The last 20-30 minutes of the movie pull everything together and really make the movie worthwhile. I felt like the movie has so many little nuances that you have to see it at least twice to catch most of them. To me it looked like every detail in each set was agonized over, which also correlates with a theme in the story line. As I’ve said in previous reviews I don’t like satanic themes, but it is easy to overlook it in this movie because the overall, it is so well done.


Wow. Hereditary caught me off guard. The climax was everything I had hoped for after how well that story was told. And good God the grief was felt, a few scenes were difficult to watch not because of any horror elements but because I felt like I was intruding on a family’s intimate moments. While certain plot points may seem obvious afterward I never felt like I was plotting the rest of the movie in my head. I was wholly present watching it play out. Each scene moves and flows very easily and nothing feels wasted. What I appreciated most was the actual creativity in both the deaths and hauntings. You expect people to die but how they die in Hereditary was new. Everything is tied up in the end without room for any glaring, unresolved questions for me.

-Christopher Patterson

What in the hell did I jus- Man, oh man. I haven’t been this stoked for horror in what seems like an eon. Talking about going above all beyonds here. One of the freshest, eerily unsettling movies I’ve ever seen. Hands fully down. From all the subtly nodded background non-static to the wholly fledged fore-frontal onslaught of lunacy. This movie has everything. The actors could actually not be more perfect for their embellishments in bringing to life their levels of stress and disorder. This is one of the very few – as I am practically desensitized to the genre by now – that I can say truly flattened me. Astonished, that’s what I am. Go into this with absolutely terrific terror, cause it’s a wild ride. -David Burchell

After seeing this movie for the first time in theaters with Charlie, it took me three days to digest, enough to say that I “liked” it. I left the theater knowing that I’d just witnessed a piece of art but it took me up to a week to decide that I absolutely loved Hereditary. Yes, there were flaws. There were some acting decisions that I can only assume were director driven but this wasn’t even close enough to detour me from my appreciation of this film. I’ve heard wild reviews of this movie leaving people in tears of terror and dudes walking out with their pants wet… I can honestly say that it didn’t hold that same terror for me while watching. However, there are scenes in this movie that burned themselves into my mind and haunted me for nights on end. I’ve had similar experiences and seen things that shouldn’t be seen, fully cognizant and awake and coming out of sleep. I’ve never seen a movie pull off the visual effects in such a realistic way. I can’t recommend this movie enough… I could go on for paragraphs telling you how amazing and well done this movie was, but I’d rather you just see it! Haunting, Terrifying and Masterfully Created, Hereditary will hold it’s place in horror cinema history for years to come.

-Josh T. Romero


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