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31 Days of Horror: Day 24 “Lost Boys”

31 Days 24-01.jpg

Day 24: Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It’s fun to be a vampire. The Lost Boys.

Once you get past the bad camera shots and some cheap special effects of this movie you realize that is a must-see film. The movie does a good job of addressing questions that any viewer may ask, so there aren’t any holes in the story line. It has a great balance of horror mixed with comedy. I believe there is a message in the movie that even vampire boys need a family in order to be raised in to mature mentally healthy vampire adults. This movie has some iconic scenes that make you remember the 80’s. I really enjoy a movie with a good twist at the end that I didn’t see coming and this movie has it. I also enjoy watching this film for the nostalgic feel and seeing so many actors make a name for themselves in this movie.


I watched the Lost Boys for the first time a few months ago. This is a movie that I’ve known so much about and pretty much loved when I first heard about it. The characters are so iconic and the story is fantastic. It’s filled with so many characters who you can relate with at so many points. Who hasn’t been sweating shirtless, on stage with a saxophone!? Even with the hype of the years, I wasn’t even close to let down. David is the ultimate bohemian, punk-rock vampire and that status has held strong for 31 years. At a minimum, this will be a Halloween staple for years to come.

-Josh T. Romero


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