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31 Days of Horror: Day 16 “Event Horizon”

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Day 16: Infinite Space – Infinite Terror… Event Horizon

As far as supernatural, deep space horror goes this is one of my favorites. Unlike Alien, where you at least know what the big bad is, Event Horizon is still vague on that detail until almost the end of the movie. And by the end, I always want more. More of the other side and more psychological warfare. Obviously, by that point you’re already in some really dark territory and you’ll never look at Sam Neil the same way again. This isn’t a monster movie. This is deep, cosmic horror.

-Christopher Patterson

I may be a tinge biased when it comes to tripping the dark, cosmic fantastical, as it’s my favorite subgenre of horror. And this is purely that. A suspenseful gauntlet of what’s-on-the-other-side and do-I-want-to-know? Yes. Yes, you do. Because the strangers behind those doors are magnificently raw nightmares. One of those lingering improbables that is so, so very far out there mentally, that it may very well be not so far from reach. Look to the stars in twinkle, acknowledge what things may also, and don’t forget your placement. For one day those things may trickle on down, itsy-bitsy like, and you’ll not want of that meek entitlement.

-David Burchell

This is a Sci-Fi horror movie with some pretty well known actors and is done pretty well. Overall I do feel that the movie was more about making a blockbuster, rather than a real quality horror movie. It has some creepy scenes and special effects. The plot of the movie is pretty much like most Sci-Fi movies, humans fighting against the aliens but it keeps the viewer interested enough to finish the movie. Some of the story falls apart if you really pay attention to the details but overall it is entertaining and I would recommend seeing it at least once.


For the longest time, I actually confused this movie with the 2009 Pandorum, starring Dennis Quaid. Any time Event Horizon was brought up, there’s a close enough plot line to hold a somewhat steady conversation… until you get to the space zombies. This was my first time seeing Event Horizon and I’m pretty bummed I didn’t see it sooner! Filled with religious undertones, hellish imagery and for the most part, quality acting, this movie is right up my alley! All of these crew members are haunted by the sins of their past and it seems like all they want to do is make amends for their sins, intentional and perceived, which ultimately leads to their deaths. One of the things I loved most about the movie was that it ends on such a dark and nihilistic tone followed by the same upbeat ’98 “lost in space” party vibe as the intro. This movie his theaters in ’97 and the intensity and practical effects still hold up. The CGI, on the other hand, feels like you’re getting yourself strapped in for a sweet N64 game. The dread filled Hellraiser vibes and twists with lead characters made this one stand out. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a screwed up, horror/sci-fi film that will get you thinking about life.

-Josh T. Romero


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