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31 Days of Horror: Day 15 “Hocus Pocus”

31 Days 15-01

Day 15: It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus.

The Sanderson Sister’s may be responsible for my love of Salem, Mass and everything associated with it. Hocus Pocus came on the scene when I was three years old so naturally, I grew up with it. I get that there’s a heavy amount of nostalgia associated with this movie but nobody can deny that Bette Midler kills this role. This is one of those movies that gets me stoked for the season, even in March… the first time I watched it this year. I really don’t think you can go wrong with this movie! It’s fun for the whole family. I also really want that book bound in human flesh.

-Josh T. Romero

Welcome again, the classic trifecta of witches, one so hilariously spot-on that it pulls you in like no other. One of the most fun movies of our time, that keeps you glued to the screen. Not from fear, or worry, or any other of the usual hauntings, but from childlike excitement. A rare exception for me when it comes to the spooky season, as I’d more often than not prefer some actual fright. But this film isn’t pretending to be or trying to fit in where it’s not. It just is. And it’s great.

-David Burchell

This is a family Halloween movie that is not scary and supposed to be funny. It has everything you would expect from a family movie, goofy actors, teenage love, and the good guys win. It has somesemi-funnyy scenes but overall I wouldn’t call this one of my favorite movies. I thought the movie was a little redundant in the fact that the viewer knows the ending of the movie yet it continues to drag on and the witches keep coming back again and again. So the movie could have been about 30 minutes shorter without really changing anything. I can’t think of any part of this movie that really stood out to me as really good about this movie.



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