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31 Days of Horror: Day 12 “Creep”

31 Days 12-01

I thought I was a creep… this guy is on another level. From the producers of Paranormal Activity and The Purge, Creep! What did you think?

I honestly didn’t like this movie very much. The movie was predicable and slow. There was a low budget feel to the movie which I wouldn’t mind if it was done better. I didn’t like the style of filming even though I understand why they filmed it like that. I didn’t find it scary at all, the “jump scenes” didn’t even have that effect. The acting was decent, I don’t think they made the creep character as scary as he could have been. I also didn’t like the end of the movie and felt that the story line was unbelievable SPOILER (he couldn’t kill that many people without someone becoming suspicious). I’m not even interested in giving the sequel a chance.


I think Creep is a minimalists filmmaker’s dream. The whole movie looks like it could have been shot in a single weekend but what they do with these two characters in that time needs to set a new standard in character driven thrillers. Duplass creates an uneasiness from his first scene and carries that tension through the end. It’s almost uncomfortable to watch because you can’t quite categorize him until the end. Is there real danger present? Or is he just quirky? There aren’t any monsters or demons, just one creep.

-Christopher Patterson

Far and wide, one of the most unsettling, chair-rocking displays of mental illness out there. Or is it trickery? Normally, I shy away from these found-footage sorts, but this movie is such a treat. Weirdo, whackadoodling the entire time. They do such a great job of throwing you under bus, with uneasy nervousness and suspense whirling as the wheels. Round and round; they don’t stop rolling. This is one I’ve recommended many times over, and will continue rewatching again and again. Excellent stuff.

-David Burchell

I’m going to be honest guys, I didn’t finish this movie. I’m not sure what’s going on with my Netflix but it’ll work for a bit and then shut down for days. That said, the first have of the movie was creepy! I found the whole situation to be incredibly uncomfortable, which I’m sure was the intent. I was excited to see how everything would go down in the so I guess at this point, my opinion is invalid. I’ll just say I made it half way through and am still interested in finishing the movie.

-Josh T. Romero


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