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31 Days of Horror: Day 11 “Black Sunday”

31 Days 11-01

STARE INTO THESE EYES… discover deep within them the unspeakable terrifying secret of BLACK SUNDAY… it will paralyze you with fright! Condemned witch Princess Asa returns from the dead two centuries after her execution and wreaks vengeance on her killers’ family. Possessing the body of a descendant who happens to look just like her, Asa pulls out all the stops to exact her revenge. 

The only thing I found scary is all the demonic worship and rituals in the movie. I felt that the movie was filled with religious superstitions with some okay acting. It had a few decent special effect based only on when it was filmed. I felt the movie was not very remarkable or very memorable. In the end I suppose the movie is about denying your desires and remaining pure during trials and finding the truth in the midst of lies.


So… the English dub is terrible. There’s no way around it. If you can, definitely try to find Black Sunday in the original Italian and just read some subtitles because the movieisgood. Witches, curses, cobwebs, and the dead rising are all there but the damn dubs. The story is good, though some plot points may seem dated to modern viewers, but what surprises me is how gruesome it was for the time. Nailing a mask onto a human face is not what you expect from a film made 50 or so years before the Saw franchise. Black Sunday is a good film to have on hand for your classic cravings.

-Christopher Patterson

I’ve yet to figure out exactly what it is I love about this movie. I’ve seen this Black Sunday about a dozen times and it works well as a “sit down and watch” movie, as well as a “background film” while getting work done. Something about the dark aesthetic and the gothic build and atmosphere lead to, in my opinion, a fun gothic adventure that I’d love to find myself apart of one day. I’m also a sucker for a good story about witches bent on revenge. Black Sunday has a style to itself that can only be attributed to Mario Bava pulling credits as the Writer/Director/Cinematographer… This will always be a go-to movie of mine that I can’t imagine getting tired of. If you haven’t seen it yet, get on it!

-Josh T. Romero


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