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31 Days of Horror

Happy October! We’re stoked to begin our 31 Days of Horror and share in the wonder of the season with you! Here you’ll find Dark Room Horror’s list of movies to bring in those sweet holiday feels 🎃 Join us as we soak in the season we’ve all been waiting for. We’ll be posting quick reviews on each movie each day from 5 of our writers! With this many people only getting to write a paragraph on each film, we’re bound to have some differences in opinion. Join the discussion and let us know what you think. We’re all here to have a good time so be cool with each other even if your opinion is different. Tap the Links below to read and follow along with us!

Day 1: Creepshow

Day 2: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Day 3: Sleepy Hollow

Day 4: A Quiet Place

Day 5: The Addams Family (Double Feature)

Day 6: The Amityville Horror

Day 7: You’re Next

Day 8: It Follows

Day 9: Frankenstein

Day 10: The Monster Squad

Day 11: Black Sunday

Day 12: Creep

Day 13: The Exorcist

Day 14: Evil Dead 1 & 2

Day 15: Hocus Pocus

Day 16: Event Horizon

Day 17: The House of the Devil

Day 18: The Void

Day 19: The Babadook

Day 20: Shaun of the Dead

Day 21: The Thing

Day 22: Let The Right One In

Day 23: Scream

Day 24: The Lost Boys

Day 25: Hereditary

Day 26: Young Frankenstein

Day 27: Fright Night

Day 28: Trick ‘r Treat

Day 29: The Conjuring

Day 30: Night of the Living Dead

Day 31: Halloween (2018)

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