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Dark Room Horror Pre-Show Advertising Terms and Conditions


These Dark Room Horror Pre-Show Advertising Advertising Terms and Conditions (these “Terms and Conditions” and together with any Orders executed by the parties, the“Agreement”) are entered into by and between Dark Room Horror, LLC, and the undersigned entity (“Client”).


Advertisements will be placed in the pre-show slides of the upcoming Dark Room Horror screening at Guild Cinema, if provided at least 5 days prior to the event. If provided after, or if working with us to create the slide, contact Josh T. Romero to orchestrate dates for placement.


Client Ads are subject to approval by Dark Room Horror. Dark Room Horror reserves the right to reject advertisements for any reason. Even though Dark Room Horror generally screens R-Rated films, we strive to keep the atmosphere relatively “Family Friendly”. Advertisements must not be explicitly violent or sexual in nature. We don’t give a fuck about profanity. However, we will not present ads that are verbally violent, racist, homophobic, polarizing, pro-cop, or generally ignorant. Some exceptions can be made for satire. This will be up to the discretion of the board. 


Each advertisement will be added to a 15 to 17 minute loop. Paid advertisements will be projected a minimum of 10 times.


If Dark Room Horror fails to deliver any advertisements in accordance with the agreed upon terms, Client’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be limited to the following, which Dark Room Horror, LLC may choose in its sole discretion: (a) a refund of the charges representing the Client Ads that were undelivered, (b) placement of the Client Ads at a later time in a comparable position as determined by Dark Room Horror, LLC, and/or (c) an extension of the term of the order with a refund representing any remaining undelivered Client Ads at the end of such extended term. Dark Room Horror, LLC will have no obligation to continue to deliver any such Client Ads after the term of the order if the order has been terminated by reason of Client’s breach. Dark Room Horror, LLC will not be required to remedy under-deliveries due to delays caused by Client. Client understands that all discounts are based on Client’s commitment to fulfilling the discount criteria indicated in the order. 


Audience ranges from 0 to 117 (the maximum seating capacity of Guild Cinema). Dark Room Horror, LLC will email client up to 5 days after the event(s) with the amount of people who attended the event. 


Bundle Cancellations are prohibited.


Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time upon 10 days written notice to the other party if the other party materially breaches this Agreement. In addition, Dark Room Horror, LLC may suspend delivery of Client Ads under any and all orders immediately upon written notice to Client in the event of any failure by Client to make any payment hereunder when due (and, if Dark Room Horror, LLC elects to suspend delivery of any Client Ads, the end date specified in the applicable order will be extended by a number of days equal to the period of suspension). 


Client may provide ideas, suggestions or other feedback regarding the Service (including as to improvements or modifications thereto). Both parties agree that except as otherwise agreed by Dark Room Horror, LLC in a signed writing, such ideas, suggestions and other feedback is not Confidential Information of Client and that Dark Room Horror, LLC will be entitled to use, implement, disclose, and otherwise exploit such feedback in any manner, without restriction or duty to account.

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