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My name is Ness Ranier, and I am a storyteller. As a tarot reader, I do not claim any more than the next layman’s insight into the past, present, future, or other minds. Only a passion for narrative and an offer to help you clarify your own story that you want to choose and to live. Outside of tarot, I enjoy using my skill set in novel writing, screenwriting and poetry. When spread out in order, the tarot makes a narrative arc widely applicable to human experience. In this way, it fits in with the many other models storytellers use as guides to articulate true and fictional stories. You’ve heard of the three-act structure and Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” - in fact, a lot of tarot guides use the term “Fool’s Journey”. I am committed to… …pulling a spread of three cards as a relatable prompt to jumpstart the narrative mind. I will fill you in on what each card generally is about. We will then use that inspiration to generate a helpful narrative around your specific query together. …not claiming to see what someone outside of our space is doing, or to know what someone other than myself is thinking. …not claiming to see the future, past, or even the present beyond the limits of my five senses. …general honesty about my limits as a discussion partner and a human being, and transparency about how I do things. …supporting the querent’s agency, empowering them to envision and choose a desired future that is not predetermined. By design, my practice is fiercely non-deterministic. …lifelong learning to improve my practice and stay informed about its historical and current contexts, and openness to adjusting and changing it to keep it socially responsible. …learning from many, but answering to none. My practice is anti-authoritarian and rejects practices and information that is deceptive or controlling. …welcoming all people of harmless intent, regardless of protected characteristics. …not giving advice that I do not have the credentials to give, such as legal, therapeutic, or medical. …keeping what you share with me confidential, unless a life is at stake. …not reading for those under 18 years old without guardian permission. Finally, I reserve the right to turn down a reading request I am not comfortable with, a request that violates this code of ethics, or a request that my best judgment finds impossible or unsafe at my level of experience. Personally, I believe that divination - such as tarot reading - is no more and no less than a field of storytelling, but that a story has all the power we have ever asked of magic. A story like yours. It’s wonderful to have you here. Just let me know two things with a brief sentence in your querying email to so we can get started: - that you have read this document - the one item on it that most encouraged you to reach out Talk to you soon, Ness Ranier Beauchemin

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