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Norma is a young punk rocker that lives with her young brother and single mother. Her best friend Simon uses drugs, and after a tense conversation on Christmas Eve, the two split ways. That night Norma is haunted by three phantoms that show her the past, present, and future of her family, friends, and the subculture she identifies with.


"Not what I expected at all. A refreshing reimagining of a classic story, A Punk Xmas Carol presents a topical lesson in empathy, compassion, and forgiveness through an unmistakably punk rock lens."
-Compassion Kitchen PVD


“A gritty and worthy update of a classic story that makes it more relevant today, and serves as a warning for all counter-cultures: grow, or die.”

-Brett Payne, Street Fight Radio Podcast


Alex Herbert is the author of What About Tomorrow? An Oral History of Russian Punk Rock from the Soviet Era to Pussy Riot (Microcosm Publishing, 2019) and the managing editor for Punks Around Fanzine

A Punk Xmas Carol

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